What Is NBN And Copper Networks - The Differences

Posted by BarryKinson on March 9th, 2017

There has been a great buzz about the NBN (National Broadband Network) in Australia. This new and enhanced broadband system is supported by the Federal Government and works hard to reach 90% of Australian facilities, businesses and homes, while the other 10% of the country will be offered with lower speed broadband capabilities.

About Copper network

Copper network is widely used by Australians while waiting for the NBN to reach their areas. Copper dates back for more than fifty years and it might be affected by extreme climatic conditions such as heavy rain and heat. The copper is not just as fast and reliable as the NBN network.

What NBN fiber network is

The NBN fiber network is a faster broadband service to the fast impacting world. The speed it can offer is exceptional and it's certainly time to change for a new solution. Through FTTN technology, many Australians will opt for the NBN. Fiber optic cables will be linked with copper wiring that runs from the home in a box currently that might be located at the end of a street.

Pros of NBN

Australians are excited about the NBN network and everything it offers as it provides a much faster speed. For video addicts, game lovers and movie lovers, this is great for them. You will also be able to perform all of these things plus more with lightning speed offered by the NBN network. There will also various NBN plans available and you will be able to pick the one that is right for you.

When NBN will be available

NBN providers are working hard to get it as soon as possible. The issue is that it includes more laborious to get the cable fibers to set up country wide. If you are willing to opt for one, you can contact with a provider near you. It is best to book ahead to avoid long waiting time process once it is available.

Staying connected

It is not hard to stay connected once the NBN network is made available in your areas. You can also contact a provider and look through the plans available to get to know more about which works for you. Then you can opt for the service and enjoy the fastest broadband service that it offers.

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