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Posted by washthomas on March 9th, 2017

The fiberglass has barely dried on that cast on your arm, the pain of the injury is still unbearable, and you are already being bombarded by requests for paperwork and completion of a myriad of formalities by your doctor, insurance company, Texas law enforcement and many more agencies. Oh the frustration of it all! The feeling of confusion and overwhelm is quite understandable. Need a guide to help you navigate this treacherous legal maze? Get the best legal counsel with expert personal injury lawyers in Texas! Let’s see what they can do for you:

#Handling insurance coverage

One of the biggest worries that any accident or personal injury victim will have is paying the medical bills. While medical insurance does cover most of these expenses, putting forth a viable claim is a highly technical task. A Texas personal injury lawyer can save you thousands of dollars by invoking relevant clauses of your insurance policy, helping you cover your own medical expenses, damages to be paid to the other party and covering any third party claims, if they arise.

#Managing subrogation liens

Most insurance carriers levy subrogation (payback) rights or liens on policies which will eventually reduce the amount of claim you will be able to make as coverage for your accident. Some of these liens involve the federal ERISA law and some don’t. By making various technical arguments and representations like the “make whole doctrine”, your Texas personal injury attorney can drastically reduce or even extinguish these liens, even if ERISA is involved. These are matters that will be too complicated for a novice to handle. Trusting these into expert hands will be the best course of action for you.

#Statute of limitations

These are basically cut-off periods for filing a complaint regarding your personal injury case with the relevant court. If you miss out on this deadline, the Statute of Limitations gets invoked and your right to file for any compensation claims gets extinguished. You may even lose out on your insurance coverage. While you may not be aware of these legal regulations, a Texas personal injury lawyer will certainly be up-to-speed with them and will be able to complete necessary formalities within the time limit, thereby keeping your hopes to claim compensation alive.

#Compensation calculation

You may think that you are only entitled to medical expense coverage in a personal injury case but a lawyer knows better. They will be able to help you come up with a just and reasonable amount of compensation that you should be legally entitled to, after factoring in wage loss, recovery expenses and time duration, mental stress and trauma, costs of living (in case you are incapable of supporting your living expenses as a result of the accident) and of course, medical expenses and doctor visits. Taking the help of a Texas personal injury lawyer can prove to be highly beneficial for you.

Whether it was a car accident or an injury at work or any other mishap that occurred, causing you to sustain medical wounds and loss of property (irrespective of whether the occurrence was your fault or not), having a personal injury lawyer from Texas helping you manage the situation can be a huge advantage. If you are currently facing such a predicament, hire one right now!

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