Most Effective Ways To Overcome iPhone 6s Plus Problems

Posted by Angelsmith on March 9th, 2017

Some iPhone 6s plus phones hang up unexpectedly despite the battery remaining for hours on end. The sudden shutdown of phones does not seem to be limited anywhere in the world, but it affects these phones with a certain serial number.

Apple did not say what the serial number contained, but confirmed that some iPhone 6s plus are shutting down. It's not a security issue and Apple is delivering services to affected customers.

People who have dangerous batteries on their phones should not worry too much. Apple has determined that very few iPhone 6s plus devices will shut down unexpectedly.

If you think you are affected by the unexpected shutdown. Apple recommends you to visit a store or an authorized service centre to check your serial number. If your phone seems to be affected, Apple is offering a free battery replacement.

Before you see if you're eligible for a renewal, make sure you back up your data, turn off my iPhone setting, and delete all content so that you are ready when a new battery is suggested.

If there is any damage on your iPhone 6s plus screen, you need to deal with it before the battery replacement. Apple is launching a new repair program to solve problem known as the Touch Disease for some iPhone 6s Plus owners.

The problem is said to be caused by the same internal error that caused some iPhone 6 Plus phones to bend. For this reason, the problem cannot be fixed simply by purchasing a new iPhone 6s Plus or changing its screen.

There have been several reports on iPhone 6s plus overheating in general. Any smartphone will be warm when used for a long time, but if the iPhone 6s plus is really hot without proper reason, you may have a problem.

There are numerous online reports on camera-related issues as a result of overheating, but they all seem to be due to people reporting that Flash had received the Blocked message. The iPhone 6s plus needs cooling before using the flash. The camera problem is probably uncommon, but there are general overheating reports.

Many people seem to be taking GPS with their iPhone and not working properly. There are many reports that continue to link. Sometimes even in an open outdoor area some people complain about not being able to make a connection.

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