Basic Rules To Play Golf

Posted by nabeelshaukat on August 21st, 2010

Basic Rules To Play Golf:

Golf is one of the most popular games in the world, and attracts millions of players. It is played by beating a ball by a club on an area known as teeing ground.  One round of golf generally consists of 18 holes to be played in. The main objective of this game is to compete a hole by hitting a ball from a teeing ground, and put it inside the hole of the putting green in as smaller number of strokes as possible.

You have two kinds of play to choose from in this game. First one is ?Match Play?, and the winner in this kind is selected by the holes that are lost and won. The second kind of play is called ?Stroke Play?, and the winner in this kind is chosen by the number of strokes one has taken to complete a round.

?  There are two rules to remember, when playing golf: when you find the course, you should go and play it, and when the ball lies, then it should also be played like that. You should try your best to follow these rules, even if you are facing difficulties. Below are some important rules to guide you about how to play golf.


?  You should try your best to play without any delay. As soon as the group that you are in is left, it is advisable that you do the same.


?  You should have a maximum of fourteen (14) clubs. So, make sure to count your clubs before playing.


?  Avoid talking, moving or standing too close to a golfer when he is about to make a stroke.


?  Read the rules and regulations mentioned on the score card you are holding. Moreover, don?t forget to place a mark on the ball that you are going to use. Several golfers use the golf balls of similar brands. So, if your ball is placed among those balls, you will face difficulty to recognize which one is yours.


?  Try to replace the divots as much as possible. Also, don?t fail to remember to smooth any footprints instigate in the bunkers.


?  When you are going to start playing the golf, it is advisable that you tee off in front of the tee markers.


?  If in a stroke play you are given a penalty of two-strokes, it means you are required to play in the appropriate area.

?  You are allowed to mark the ball that you are using. You are also allowed lift your ball, clean it, and place it on the exact place where it was.


?  It is also acceptable for you to elevate your ball if by doing so you can help another player.


?  If during the game your ball happens to lounge in a bunker, never touch the ground of the bunker before you downswing yourself.


?  While dropping the ball, you should erectly stand and hold the ball at the length of your shoulder, and then drop it. The ball must be dropped again without any penalty, incase the ball strikes you or you partner when you drop it.

?  The ball must be strike fairly, and should neither be pushed nor spooned.

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