3 reasons you won?t be late for your next yoga class

Posted by smotij on March 13th, 2017

For lovers of yoga, the hustle and bustle of everyday life can be exhausting and time consuming. But with a handy yoga backpack, you’re covered. In our everyday life our time has to be optimized. Daily to doe’s are sometimes left undone and when missing yoga classes becomes a reoccurring event, it is imperative to start looking for a solution. Left unattended to could make you a victims of rescheduling and procrastinating. Usually, forgetting to backpack is the culprit by default and this soon evolves into a habit. Goals set to achieve that toned muscles, beach body and relaxed mind, gradually reclines to a wish, only to be fantasized about. February is the second month into the year and there are a million and one reasons to already quite. I have news for you “quitters are looser” and I know you’re not one of them. Let me spear you the suspense and unveil to you three reasons you won’t be late for your next yoga class.
Get a handy yoga backpack: At some point in our lives, you’ve had a yoga backpack without even knowing. It was either in elementary school, in college or even at work. When you got ready for work or school, you packed all you needed into a backpack. As a grown adult, ladies and men alike, you get ready with a hand bag, brief case or a laptop bag for work. Every essential is in that carrier. Proof positive you’ve always had to carry stuff. Today, parking with convenience is the new alternative .The use of a backpack with yoga mat holder. This is appropriate, if you are commuting by public transport or by car. A yoga backpack comes in handy, especially for yoga adventures. It is made to carry yoga accessories, like change of cloth, water bottle and especially your yoga mat, plus other items you need. The yoga backpack also serves as a yoga mat bag. You roll the yoga mat and slid it through the straps provided in the yoga backpack. Other items you wish to carry can fit into the yoga backpack nicely. This gives you the comfort you need, without straining your arm or back. So getting ready for yoga class can be easy if you:
Pack your items into your yoga backpack the night before: This sounds like a cliché, but it works. Remember that old saying "don't leave undone for tomorrow, what you can do today. Let this be that “aha” moment that triggers the excitement about your time at the yoga studio. Actively preparing and packing activates your subconscious mind and fuels your though with the benefit of yoga. It’s a ritual you should add to your routine every night before your yoga class.
Leave yoga backpack at the entrance door. Sounds creepy right! Well, you are keeping all odds at bay to ensure all your effort is not a waste. Now, don’t leave it at the side of the door or at the corner. Put it right in front of the door, such that you don’t miss it. Let it create some inconvenience while trying to open the door on your way out. With these three tips, you won’t miss your next yoga class with your yoga backpack.

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