Benefits Of IP PBX VoIP Phone System

Posted by Leewood on March 14th, 2017

It is difficult to use the advanced features associated with the phone system like conferencing with the help of proprietary phones, so it is advisable for you to switch to the VoIP based phone system for better flexibility & good performance.

As with the availability of cool web based configuration interface, a VoIP phone system with the IP PBX can allow easy monitoring & fine tune system. On the other hand, the interface of the proprietary system often has complex designing. So let’s see some of the great features of IP PBX VoIP phone system.

Easy installation & configuration

The IP PBX VoIP phone system is easier to install & configure than the normal proprietary phone system. PC can take advantage of advanced user interface & processing power of this powerful software. Anyone can install or configure the PBX system only with the normal understanding of computers whereas in the case of the proprietary system there is often a requirement of training in installation.

Reduces call rates

For the long distance & international calls, one can save a lot as it is easy to connect the phone systems of offices & branches. Apart from that, you can make free phone calls.

No need for wiring

The VoIP phone system can allow you easy connection & hustle free mode of operation for the connection to the hardware phone which can be connected directly to the PC’s network port. This software phones can be installed perfectly with the direction connection to the PC. In that way, you don’t have to be worried about the need for separate wiring network. In that way, you will have better flexibility & greater understanding of extensions/users.


Whereas the proprietary systems are very easy to outgrow, their often requires the addition of more & more phone lines/ extensions with expensive hardware upgrades or in other cases an entirely new phone system. On the other hand, VoIP based phone system can easily handle a large number of extensions & phone lines. Therefore, you can add more and more phone to your network.

Greater customer service & productivity

Here with the VoIP phone system all the calls are computer based so in that way it will be very much easier for the developers to integrate the business apps. Automatically bringing up the customer records about the caller or improving the customer service by a reduction in time spent are some of the great features associated with it. Along with this thing, all the outbound calls can be put directly on the outlook, so there will be no need of user input in case of typing the phone number.

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