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Posted by Jack Levi on March 15th, 2017

Volunteering is a socio-psychological link which connects an individual to the community. It is a diverse human characteristic which connects the awareness of self with the awareness of the society. Through volunteering an individual can offer a helping hand towards the people who are in need, valuable reasons, and the society. It is not only benefitted for those people but beneficial for the volunteer also. The more a person volunteer the more benefits he gets like through volunteering and helping others one can reduce his level of stress, keep themselves mentally motivated, conflict depression, and transform themselves into an optimistic human being who always comes up with positive vibes.

Many people having a misconception that volunteering occupies a long-term dedication or takes a massive amount of time out of our busy schedule. But in reality, volunteering is the job which one can do in his own spare time. By helping a needy and poor person is a volunteer can gain health and contentment for him especially volunteer work with children.

Advantages of volunteering

  •          Volunteering is a connecting link between an individual with the community. If a person dedicates himself as a volunteer he will not only be able to strengthen his existing relationships but also can be able to make new friends. Volunteering helps a person to boost his social skills and develop his network.
  •          Volunteering can boost the self-assurance and makes a person feel happy and contented from inside. By connecting with the other person a volunteer can get rid of stress and conflicts depression.
  •          Volunteering helps the older person who are alone or retired to distract their mind from their worries and make them mentally strong to enjoy their life. Volunteer work and travel throughout whole India also keeps them physically sound and mobile. It helps them to stay away from the chronic diseases.
  •          Volunteering helps an individual to achieve experience in their own area of interest and help them to build new relations with the people relating to the field.
  •          Volunteering programs like the Teacher Volunteer Programs, teaching an individual valuable counseling skills and makes them experience counselor by building their social skills.
  •          Volunteering is an exciting way to discover about yourself and individual valuable counseling skills your passions and ambitions of your life. It helps to bring happiness to one's personal and professional life also.

Volunteering work in India is an amazing experience for the people who are aware of Indian culture. These programs offer an opportunity to improve the lifestyle of the people living in rural areas of our country by teaching those English and by planning various programs related to women empowerment for the unprivileged women.

If someone is planning to volunteer in India then there are many communities dedicates offers gap year in India nowadays. It will be a great opportunity for the volunteers to know about a new culture from inside out and brings happiness in the lives of those needy people by their presence. 

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