3 Environmental aggressors that could damage by your skin and how to combat them

Posted by radiancemedispas on March 15th, 2017

Though we read a lot about beauty treatments and watch advertisements claiming overnight solutions of beauty products, there doesn’t seem to be much effect, in reality. First, women should consider the climatic condition and the common environmental aggressors in our country. These aggressors could damage skin to such an extent that you will surely need to go to one of the top skin clinics in Bangalore for a comprehensive treatment.

However, before you heed to a popular skin clinic in Indira Nagar, check out this list of common environmental aggressors that damage skin.

UV rays

The geographical position of our country places us direct in line to the harmful UV radiations of the sun. So, we need to look for a way to cut out the rays and protect the skin from the harmful rays. Whenever you step out, make sure you apply a good sun block on your skin. To block the harsh Indian sun, you will sunscreen lotion of SPF factor of 30 and above. UV rays are also known to cause skin cancer. So, there’s more reason to protect your skin when you heed out.


Heat is another environmental aggressor that harms the delicate facial skin. Again, the reason for this problem is the geographic location of the country. In summers, the temperature can go as high as 100 degree F, and more. The extreme heat causes excessive sweating, which could lead to sweat rashes. If not treated early, the rashes could become infected and lead to further complications. So, if you have a heat rash that is not reducing over time, go to one of the skin clinics in Bangalore for treatment.


Pollution is not only a major problem for the environment, but also for your skin. The dust, grime, and harmful chemicals settle on your skin, blocking the pores. This leads to a score of skin problems. One of the easiest things you can do is properly wash your face when you go home or office after a drive or walk outside. It washes away most of the dust and pollutants deposited on the face. Use a good scrub and face wash to remove the grime deeply deposited in the skin. Moisturize the skin after washing it to keep the skin soft and supple.

With proper care and maintenance, you can protect your skin from these harmful environmental aggressors.

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