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Learn the Secret of Positive Prayer with Spindrift Research

Posted by lukachan on March 15th, 2017

As a matter of fact, every religion follows different methods of praying that are unique in their own ways. Prayers are dependent on the conscious and the motive of the person who is praying, which can be good, bad, positive or negative. Most of us pray with a predefined goal or aim in the mind. It highlights the selfishness and ego of the people who are praying in this way. And, if the goal is not fulfilled, most of us start disbelieving in the Supreme Power. However, prayers should always be positive that whatever your goal may be, it is going to be achieved some day. And more importantly, your prayers should not  such that they are meant to harm anyone.

If religion is one side of the coin in determining the affairs of the people in the world, the other side that is dictating terms is science. Both of them try to outsmart each other in their own way but if they are used in a positive manner, they can do wonders for the mankind. Researchers have exactly done that and used the concepts of religion and science to understand spirituality better. These researchers mixed an element of science to know how the prayers work by dividing them into two categories as goal-directed prayers and non goal-directed prayers. As discussed earlier, the working of goal-directed prayer is such that people pray to God with an aim in mind that can be good or bad. Mostly, such prayers bring trouble in people’s lives as ego and selfishness is involved in them. On the other hand, in non goal-directed prayers, people offer unconditional prayers in which they submit to God without any bias and selfishness by having an open mind.

In order to know the effects of non goal-directed prayers, researchers conducted various scientific tests to study the spiritual experiences of people. It was found that non goal-directed prayers are more effective than the goal-directed ones based on the data that was evaluated statistically. It means that if you are praying for a general cause rather than asking for a specific outcome, it is going to yield better results.

If you want to learn more about the secret of positive prayer, you can go online and browse websites related to such research to know more about them. You can buy their books or contact them to have a better understanding of the spiritual beliefs.

About The Author: The writer is a blogger. This article is about the scientific research to know to effects of prayers.
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