7 Things To Avoid When Designing Pull Up Banner Stands In Sydney

Posted by Sanju k on March 16th, 2017

Although some disasters are unavoidable and no one’s fault, others might be the result of not asking the right questions, not taking the right steps or not following the correct procedures during the design process. Here are 7 things that you definitely need to avoid when designing pull up banner stands in Sydney to ensure that you get the look you want:

  1. Failing to disclose your budget
    Although you might feel like your budget is no one’s business but your own, keeping it secret can actually be counterproductive. Disclosing your budget as soon as possible can ensure that you have a realistic expectation of what can be done, as well as providing a guide for your designer. Ask them what they have done with similar budgets.
  2. Not allowing enough time
    Allowing insufficient time guarantees that your banner will be conservative, predictable and simplistic – which no one is going to be happy with. The amount of time you need to give your designer will depend on a few factors, such as its size and your budget. Avoid rushing the job through, as this means less time to correct mistakes.
  3. No/insufficient brand definition
    If you don’t provide a narrative that tells the story of your brand, designers will have difficulty creating a banner that expresses your brand well. This information should be expressed in a Brand Style Guide, which is a detail description of your brand – logo, colours, typography and marketing collateral (to name a few).
  4. Failing to set objectives
    What is the goal of the pull up banner? When designers ask this question, the answers they receive are often vague at best (“we want to get our brand out there”, for example). Keep in mind that these statements are business jargon, not tangible goals that will generate results. Work with your team to determine what the specific goals are.
  5. Failing to give clear directions
    When it comes to banner design, it’s not unusual to be dealing with many conflicting demands and internal opinions. It’s a good idea to get all of your stakeholders to commit their goals to paper early on, then get all of them to come to an agreement regarding those goals. Giving your designer a clear direction saves time and avoids mistakes.
  6. Not knowing what you want
    Some people mistakenly think that the designer wants complete freedom on how the banner is going to look. By not providing any design ideas, you’re setting yourself up to be disappointed. Do you want a particular image or type of image to be used? Do you have some text that you want used? Are there certain symbols you want used?
  7. Deserting your designer
    Having a banner designed is not the same as ordering a product online where your participation ends the moment you click submit – the process of design is more like a personal relationship than a commercial exchange. The less you communicate with your designer, the more surprises you’ll get. Keep in touch during the process.

Keep in mind that any of the mistakes outlined above can result in a complete banner disaster. By avoiding these pitfalls, clearly articulating your brand and goals, as well as giving your designer ample time to work, you can rest assured that your finished pull up banner stands in Sydney offers some measurable results. Do not hesitate to ask for assistance if required.

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