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Posted by perrysmith on March 17th, 2017

When in confusion about an outfit, put on a shirt. For ages, shirts have been making men look elegant, classy and stylish all at the same time. Under the jacket, with the jeans or with plain trousers; they have always been at the forefront of dressing men from all quarters of the society.

Be it a formal setting or a casual occasion, one can unquestionably slip into an appropriate shirt to look ravishing.

Linen is one of the most comfortable and finest looking fabrics. It is expensive due to the amount of labor which goes into harvesting it through hands and finally making a cloth out of it. But trust us, every penny is worth the spend.

Here are a few things which every man must know in order to buy an incredible linen shirt.

Quality Of Fabric

There are several types of linen finishes one can choose from. Greater the quality, costlier it gets. Our advice is to choose a mid range finish which is nice looking, smooth in texture and looks solid. Because beyond a certain limit, there is no point in splurging the money.


Stitch quality plays a major role in the final fit and look of any garment. Make sure that the stitches are finely pierced and there is uniform gap between the stitches. Also ensure that there is not too much gap between the stitches as it tends to come out easily in the long term.

And if you have to buy men’s linen embroidery shirts, it is preferable to go with hand stitched work. Reason being that stitching with hands is finer and more uniform. It is imperative because embroidery tends to have curvaceous designs and only a trained person can execute such complex designs to perfection.


The look of any dress boils down to one primary thing; the right fitting. No matter how expensive and well tailored the shirt is, if it doesn’t fit well, it is good for nothing. If you are buying men’s dress shirt online make sure to check the measurement chart on the website to ensure you are buying the right fit.

Apart from the measurement of shoulders and chest, one more important thing to keep in mind is the right length of the sleeves. While buying a long sleeve shirt for men, make sure the sleeves just touch your wrist and are not too long.

Always keep these essential tips in mind, to dress in the best way.

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