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Posted by jackmark0245 on March 17th, 2017

In the world today, many religions exist with their millions of followers. These religions can be described as theism, which is believing in many gods, and monotheism that is the belief in one God. Still, there is a significant number of people who do not follow any particular religion and have a lack of belief in the gods. Such people come into the category of atheism, which is neither a religion nor a belief system. Atheists reject the gods worshiped by the larger society and believe in humanity, freethinking and skeptical inquiries. They reject the theological teachings of different religions as well as the idea that there is a supreme power guiding life on the earth. And, they don’t believe in the Satanism either that means no devil or demon exist in the world who is guiding us to evil deeds.

Atheist Shirt

The logic behind not believing in the gods by the atheists is that there is no empirical evidence of them. It means that people who worship gods have not provided enough evidence to support their claim. Also, they are not clear if there are many gods or a supreme God. Atheists strongly follow in the concepts of science that means everything that is to be believed should be seen and proved first rather than just based on the emotional judgment of the people. So, the atheistic beliefs have emerged from the atmosphere of naturalistic ways where everything that exists should be in physical and material forms.

In order to promote atheism, atheists have adopted a symbol known as atomic whirl. It is a scientific symbol based on the Rutherford Atom that shows the orbital paths of electrons around the central nucleus. Many products like t-shirts and other accessories carry this symbol that are used by the atheists. One of the common products used by atheists is lapel pin that is a small pin worn on the left side of the clothing, usually the left lapel of the jackets. They can be used to showcase atheism by having the atheism symbol inscribed on them. Wearing lapel pins is a very cost effective way of showing solidarity to atheism.

If you are looking to buy atheist symbol products, you can get them online from different companies promoting atheists, humanists, scientists and skeptics to support the people of reason. On the websites of these companies, you can also buy atheist lapel pins as well.

Author’s Bio: The writer is a blogger. This article is about different products that promote atheism.

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