How Electronic Hookah Pen is a Safe Means of Recreation?

Posted by joseeliyo1232 on March 18th, 2017

Consumption of Hookah is rising around the world. The once preferred Arabian means of recreation has quickly swayed youth’s hearts and their means of recreation around the world. Not just younger individuals but adults also love this flavored form of recreation which is not as harmful as cigarettes. Cigarettes are harmful due to the fact that they are made of tobacco flakes which can cause cancer and other major health issues. Shisha or Hookah is less harmful as a fact that it contains marginal amount of nicotine.

People have fallen in love with this means of recreation as this does not cause any kind of intoxication. Being intoxicated causes various health hazards while it also makes people lose their ability to think and work straight. Alcohol, marijuana and other drugs cause intoxication which is life threatening.

Hookah, due to the fact that it lasts long, makes recreation fun and harmless. Even though it can last long, Shisha cannot be smoked without while being mobile. The huge set of the shisha makes it impossible to be used while on the move with regular change of coal or other burning substance is also necessary to keep the shisha warm in order to smoke.

Electronic hookah pen is a great solution to such problems. Electronic hookah pen can fit into your pockets which make them mobile. Hookah pen is nicotine free. The hookah pen comes in various flavors providing a variety of options for people who love particular flavors.

Well, for safe smoke lovers like you 500 puff shisha pen is a disposable vape pen offered by This vape pen comes with a flavor that can last up to 500 puffs at the end of which they can be disposed. Vape pens are extremely cheap and available in various flavors.

There are a few trusted online suppliers of hookah pens and one of them is E-Shisha.

About E-shisha:

E-shisha is an online shop selling hookah pens of disposable nature. E shisha ensures its customers that all products listed on the website are nicotine, ash and tar free. Hookah Pens listed on the are available in various flavors and provide more vapor. To know more about Electronic Hookah Pens, log on to:

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