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Posted by John on March 20th, 2017

A fun trip and so neat to view so many whales. Maybe you are wondering why we thought the cruise and whale watching in San Diego ca so successful if we saw only 5 whales in 3 hours of being on the ocean. Well, there are several explanations:

We rode regarding 3 hours, but it probably took 1 of those hours to get us through the bay to be able to the open ocean, afterward back into the bay and also docked at the pier. And if you think we have to jockey to get the RV’s parked, we were extremely impressed with how the pilot was taken into the pier…backwards! (And you know how everybody else is getting younger than us these days; -)? Properly, we think this pilot was probably only 25 yrs old…but he or she seemed extremely competent).
• There are several whale watching companies, and they also don’t want to start infringing on each other, so if one boat already is ’tailing’ some whales, the other boats do not get too close.

Silly best whale watching in San Diego tend not to really think they need to ‘pose’ for images and are underwater except whenever they come to the surface to be able to breathe. So they seem and disappear, quickly. By the time someone would see one, and sound the alarm the rest of us, we would then fumble with our cameras and - miss all the actions. ‘Good’ photos are few and far between. We, in fact, saw more whale action than the pictures captured.

• These are usually gray whales, which are not the great ‘leapers’ you see on commercials thrusting much of their bodies out of the water. Grays just expose their back; maybe expose their tail upon diving.
• The boats do stay a fair distance from your whales, so as never to disturb them unnecessarily. So we are shooting photos from max-telephoto generally.

• You are seldom standing in the best place for whale watching location when the whale appears. If the whale surfaces on the left side of the ship, you are on the right. Or, just once you take your perfect chance, another passenger steps at the entrance of you, or the ship rocks, etc…and gone will be the perfect shot.

Back at the dock, we returned for the RV for lunch. I got so tired that I’m surprised that my nose didn’t fall into my yogurt. I also lay down for about 10 minutes but then it was time to walk so we headed over to the Pacific Beach boardwalk and put in our 4 miles. How I ever got one particular foot in front of the additional I do not know and Gary was the same way. And also, we bought the particular ‘non-drowsy’ Dramamine. Imagine what the regular Dramamine would have done to us? We might have got fallen asleep on the boat rather than seen anything.

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