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Posted by Michael Ferguson on March 20th, 2017

A man or a woman, children and everyone else alike including your pets and/or other companions have certain needs that are better for everyone involved if they are met. One way or another they have to be. (Or is better if they are) At first when reading this you may be asking yourself what a unicorn has to do with spending time and dating incall escorts or outcall escorts in London. There is an old saying that you may or may have not heard of before but it says that you cannot teach an old dog new tricks. (Honestly I don´t believe in that) There may be a number of different factors which may or may not validate that statement or saying; number one the age of the dog which in my opinion really does not play a factor, the same thing as with humans. (Some are smarter than others) You’re never too old to learn… not just depending on your intelligence but more importantly is your willingness to learn. I may not be a young pup anymore like I once was but that is not the important issue right now; the important issue is spending time with all of your favourite escorts in London whether they may be Duo escorts, incall or outcall ones and for you to understand what a unicorn is when it comes to London Escorts. Playful Escorts of London has girls to meet anyone’s tastes. I may be an old dog compared to some of you out there but I am still learning. By now you may or may not be getting bored reading this entire post but now you will learn what a unicorn is when it comes to dating incall escorts and outcall escorts in London.

We can answer a lot of your questions about Duo escorts; what’s all included in the price, what you can expect and how much will it cost you in the long run. And most importantly likely the reason why this article grabbed your attention is the first place is because you saw the word unicorn. We can ramble on and answer one of your questions but in the process there may be more questions that will arise amidst the others. If you google it you´ll find a pretty good and fairly simple explanation… (That may or may not vary from one website to another) along with some other information. For example; what is a `poly world´ and what does THAT have to do with dating incall escorts and outcall escorts in London. We´ll save that one for another day and we will try not to leave you hanging out there like one of those stupid movies that you love but also hate because they seem to never give you an answer in the ending. Book Duo escorts who are AKA unicorns from Playful; unicorns are sometimes known as a single girl or woman (depending on your views) who is free spirited and looking for some hot NSA fun with members of the same, opposite or both sexes. Playful Escorts has plenty of unicorns or whatever else you want to call them waiting for you.  

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