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Posted by Angi Scorma on March 20th, 2017

Firefighting profession is extremely dangerous is personal safety is not taken care of properly. The firefighter doesn’t only fight to rescue the victims from fire, he also fights several other life threatening factors such as debris, poisonous gases and falling objects. They have to be quick and active o in responding to demanding conditions at affected area. Their personal protective equipment is the gear provides them a shield against hazardous objects and also ensures the safety of the people they are protecting.
Firefighting equipment consists of a range of multiple tools that are necessary to wear together for a full-proof fire protection. The professional tools enable the firefighters to function in time constrained situations where time plays a very important role. The tools are handy and enable them to multitask while avoiding the life-threatening risks at the same time. Following are some most important firefighting tools that are required by professional firefighters on site.
Fire Helmet: Fire helmets provide a protection from both heat and falling objects at the fire affected area. The fire helmet also consists helmet lights that directs the firefighters through dark areas and enable them to work free-handedly. Foxfury headlamps and Foxfury helmet lights and considered to be one of the best in the section.
Turnout trousers and jackets: The specially designed trousers and jackets are made of two-layer fabric that resist the heat and pressure created by various gases. It keeps away the moisture to prevent it from catching fire. The color and patterns of the jacket and trousers also represent the rank and designation of the professional.
Gloves: Like tactical jackets and trousers, gloves are also very essential for a firefighter. Gloves are made of thick leather and have multiple layers. Meanwhile, they also enable the firefighter to work efficiently by clutching and clearing off the objects on the way.
Boots: After gloves, tactical boots made of strong leather is what completes the personal protective equipment for a firefighter. They are made either of leather or natural rubber to make them water-proof. Sometimes they also multiple layers of rubber and leather to provide extra protection against fire.
You can shop for fire equipment and tools from online stores such as FDC Rescue that are known to offer high quality and performance products from renowned brands such as flashlights online by Foxfury.

Author’s Bio: The author is a web blogger. The above article is about various essential firefighting equipment such as Foxfury helmet lights.

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