Identity Protection Services for Travellers: Perspective & Future Trends

Posted by Monica Nerkar on March 20th, 2017

The tourism industry is plagued by several attacks of identity theft, an emerging malice in the society that has a crippling effect on the global economy. The travel industry is highly dependent on high-end gadgets and gizmos that are mostly used to escalate service levels. The new breed of identity thieves are smart and gutsy. Identity theft can completely fracture the socio-economic status of an individual traveller. The rising trend of identity cloning has adversely affected millions of tourists across the world. A recent survey tabled by the Federal Trade Commission says that more than 8 million Americans fall prey to identity theft every year. This new crime trend has shattered multiple financial and business organisations spread across the globe. Identity thieves have been successful in stealing several billion dollars from US citizens.

In the last few years, government bodies and private stakeholders and security agencies are closely coordinating to fight this rising crime. International travel bodies and other private agencies have rolled out a gamut of preventive measures to protect tourists from the clutches of identity thieves. Massive sensitisation programs are initiated to protect the privacy of people. Lawmakers have put in stricter laws to combat identity theft. Identity protection services for travellers are laid down to save them from possible identity theft. There are several effective identity protection services available in the market for travellers. While identity protection services are edgy they can’t provide a complete security blanket to a traveller. In most cases, if the identity is cloned then there is no other way out but one has to remodel the damage caused by the theft. The surging demand for identity protection services for travellers is pushed ahead by the swelling dimension of the travel industry. Identity protection services for travellers saves time, money and also cleans the dirt generated by the thief. The market for identity protection services is expanding with time.

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Identity Protection Services for Travellers: Game Changers

Identity protection services for travellers have evolved with the spiking market size of the travel industry. The travel industry is gaining mass with the help of added investment and technology. The massive influx of investments have completely eroded the travel and tourism industry and it is alsogearing up the growth of identity protection services for travellers. Several government bodies and security agencies have jumped into the fray and galvanised a fight against identity stealers. Countries like US, Australia, Thailand and many other frequently travelled destinations are thronged by identity thieves. The rising number of incidents have opened a new corridor of opportunities for identity protection services for travellers. Security agencies in the last few years have inserted several anti-identity theft measures to control the spread of this evil and invested massively in developing systems that can successfully fight out identity theft from the society. The awareness levels of the tourists have also aggravated and this rise has complimented the growth of identity protection services for travellers.

The emerging trend of automation and digitisation in the travel industry is another reason that is expediting the market growth of identity protection services for travellers. The industry is dependent on apps, e-commerce and the internet and thus it is providing easy passage to many identity thieves. Several hotels and travel agencies are spending massively on this segment and fuelling the market growth of identity protection services for travellers.

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Identity protection services for Travellers: Restrains

The market size of identity protection service for travellers is steadily rising. The staggering market growth has also increased the competition in the market and dipped the quality of the tools and technologies available in the market. This has adversely affected the growth of this segment. The major travel market spread across the South East Asian region is still budding and most of the travellers are unaware of this crime known as identity theft. Low awareness levels and minimal digitisation is a major blockade in the global expansion of identity protection services for travellers.

Identity protection services for Travellers: Bigwigs

There are a plethora of companies that are creating some effective and trustworthy systems to combat the malice of identity theft with panache. ID Watchdog, True Identity Protection, Identity Force are some of the identity protection service providers operating globally.

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