SIP Trunking: Unique Internet Telephone Service

Posted by Leewood on March 21st, 2017

Therefore, the SIP Trunking provides a full-fledged combination of telephone and bandwidth network in a single line and thus facilitates the business operations. But, it is very necessary that you choose the network providers very carefully before taking the connection.

SIP Trunking or Session Initiation Protocol Trunking is a type of service that can be availed from the particular Internet Service Providers. It is a unique internet telephone service and has become very popular in the past few years. It is growing every day, and it is expected that by the end of the next five years, its usage will increase to 93%. In the SIP Trunking, access is provided between the phone network and the internet, and this is because the data and voice both are put into the same line of communication.

How to get SIP Trunking connection?

If you want to get the SIP Trunking installed, you should visit your nearest internet data, providers. Though they will explain everything to you but just for your knowledge, there are four basic components without which the SIP Trunking installation is not possible. They are-

• SIP enabled private branch exchange- This is a particular telephone exchange which is public and not the ones used for private sectors like offices, banks, etc. this is an IP based network and hence communicates with the ends of the IP network.

• SIP enabled enterprise boarder element device –The local network links this to the network through the local edge. This is synonymous with devices like wireless phones, Smartphone, etc.

• Internet Telephone Provider- the Internet Telephone Providers facilitate phone call via the VoIP system.

• Public Switched Telephone Network- the Internet Telephone Provider, enables the telephone connection to the Public Switched Telephone Network or the public telephone and facilitates the connection.

Advantages of SIP Trunking

As we know, the business market in evolving every day and the businessmen seek to have such a communication network where they can seamlessly combine the telephone line and the data network over one single connection, and the SIP Trunking meets the exact requirements. It also proves beneficial for those businesses which have multiple locations. The SIP Trunking provides centralised management and thus provides provisioning of bandwidth and voice connectivity.

Another advantage of SIP trunking is that it provides a single managed network across the whole country for all kinds of businesses be it small, medium or big and makes it convenient for them to operate their business.

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