How To Compare Low Cost Homeowner's Insurance In Oregon

Posted by Nick Niesen on October 29th, 2010

While the state of Oregon does not require any homeowner to carry homeowner?s insurance, the vast majority of homeowner?s either elect to carry the insurance or are required to carry such insurance by the financial institution which holds their first mortgage.

One reason so many homeowners have homeowner?s insurance is simply because it makes so much economic sense. After all for most people their home is their biggest investment and it just makes good, sound financial sense to protect their investment with insurance.

The cost of homeowner?s insurance can vary widely from company to company, so the only real way to compare low cost homeowner?s insurance in Oregon is to get online and make head-to-head comparisons on one of the many websites designed specifically for that purpose.

But before you begin comparing prices there are a few things you need to do.

First, determine the true replacement cost of your home. Do not underestimate. If anything should happen to your home you want to be certain you have the money necessary to rebuild it. If you are not capable of determining the replacement cost of your house, find a professional who is. This could be a knowledgeable real estate agent or a building contractor.

Next, make sure your house has an adequate number of smoke and fire detectors and that they all work. Buy one or more fire extinguishers for your home. Make sure they are rated for kitchen fires. If you can afford it, install motion sensing lights outdoors and a burglar alarm for the inside of your home.

Make sure all doors have working deadbolt locks and make certain that all windows can be closed and locked ? this applies even to upstairs windows.

Make sure any trees close to your home are adequately trimmed so as not to break or fall over during high winds or heavy rains.

Anything you can do to make your house safer and less susceptible to fire and burglars will make it easier for you to compare and find low cost homeowner?s insurance here in the great state of Oregon.

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