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Posted by Coral Research on March 21st, 2017

Qualitative research can best be described as a way to understand the target audience / customer base, and the ideas behind very specific topics, products, or issues – how the audiences relates to certain situations, scenarios, or products. Qualitative research is deemed subjective. Methodologies include focus groups, triads, one-on-one, in-depth interviews, observational research, etc. Specializing in all things qualitative, qualitative research Agency offer expert focus group moderation along with intelligent and sensitive qualitative investigation and clarification to deliver real and influential research. Qualitative Research Agency is very helpful for the international clients especially Singapore and UK clients who are willing to enter the Indian market.as it focuses on providing actionable answers to address key corporate issues through modified research.

Traditional and online data capture approaches used by Qualitative research agency are:

  • Focus Groups,
  • Homework,
  • Online Bulletin Boards,
  • Diaries,
  • Larder audits,
  • Deprivation,
  • Disposable cameras,
  • Video Vox Pops

The role of Qualitative Research Agencies:

Agencies have a vital role to play in the transformation of market research. However, in chaotic times, the lure to skirt market research in order to approach the marketing department or senior management straight is powerful. Agencies must continue this urge as this method is always unconstructive.

The internal market researcher can be an agency’s best buddy. In smaller companies that lack a meaningful market research function, an intimate link with marketing might be favored, but never in larger companies. Efficient internal researchers understand the requirements of the research, can help to choose the best methodologies, also they have passage to secondary data and they understand the politics and personalities inside their organizations.

As market research changes, agencies too must take a hard gaze at their contribution and be ready to adapt. Project leads must be fully proficient market researchers, who know all aspects of a project rather than just being sales bodies. Agencies must offer in-depth analytical know-how across the full range of market research methodologies, obtained the urge to shoehorn a customer’s enigma into their own methodology job. Finally, agencies must recognize the client and be empathic, they must ask more inquiries about a project and should feel able to confront a client if they feel they have a better way to answer the business question.

Qualitative research makes the distinction between standing still and unlocking real industry growth. Multi-method, behavior-focused approaches from these agencies give a concrete way to create change in the marketplace. The agencies provide a deep and broad knowledge of people as individuals, in their multiple circumstances and integrity. Drawing from the modern thinking in behavioral business, cognitive science and social anthropology, Qualitative Research puts meaning at the heart of the qualitative approaches.

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