Weed seed affiliate programs - Why you are not making money?

Posted by JoelCarsen on March 21st, 2017

There is a huge demand in the weed seeds market. With number of countries across the globe making weed cultivation legal more and more people want to test the cultivation process themselves because they know if they succeed they could enjoy a lot of savings. This however does not make some of the affiliate marketers happy. Despite the heavy demand for cannabis seeds not many affiliate marketers are successful and they keep wondering why it is not possible for them to make the best out of the market conditions. Does this sound like you? Are you too finding it a problem unable to get the expected breakthrough with your weed seed affiliate programs? 

When you are signing up for an affiliate program, you need to remember how to pick the best weed seed affiliate program. Most people pick their affiliate program by looking at the incentive percentage and forget to look at the other factors. Yes of course you need to find out the incentive rates and pick a company that offers the highest rate of commission. However, this should be used as a secondary selection criterion and not as primary selection criteria. What then should be the primary selection criterion? 

First you should look at the reputation of the weed seed affiliate company. Only if the company enjoys good reputation you will be able to make a sale. If the brand reputation is not good then no amount of efforts you put in will not yield the expected results. By expected results what we mean is the actual sale. Companies will pay you for only for the sale and not for the traffic. So if you want to get the best affiliate program that you could be successful in selling then first look for top names in the industry and signup for their affiliate program.  

Secondly, you should also check whether the affiliate products sold are marketable products. Does the company offer the latest selection of cannabis seed strains or are they featuring only outdated seeds strains? People would want to purchase the newer seeds in the market.  

Thirdly, does the company focus on providing quality landing pages? If the landing page quality is poor all the efforts you take to drive traffic to their website will only go in vain and the conversion rates will be poor. You should therefore check the quality of the landing page. When you do not focus on all these factors but consider only the incentive rate, you will end up with the same old story of not selling your products. So go ahead and get the best cannabis seeds affiliate programs online based on the above factors. You will certainly be able to become a successful affiliate marketer making good amount of money online promoting weed seed companies.  

Post your links in as many sources as possible to multiply the overall effectiveness and increase sales. With proper planning and careful execution you can make a lot of money with affiliate programs.

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