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Posted by Tony Burton on March 22nd, 2017

IRS or Internal Revenue Service is the federal government agency in US that is responsible for the annual collection of state and income taxes from the working residents and business houses. At times, many people are not able to pay their taxes within the stipulated time during a particular financial year. As the year passes, taxes for the new year come up again and add into the previous year’s taxes. These unpaid back taxes are needed to be paid along with the current year’s taxes. In order to recover them, IRS sends letters, notices or other personal summons and asks the defaulters to clear their tax liability. If the taxes become too much or the concerned person is a regular tax defaulter, IRS has the power to issue orders that direct his/her paying authority to withhold a certain amount of pay till the taxes are cleared. And, in some of the extreme scenarios, IRS can seize the property of the tax defaulters. This claim of the federal government on the property of the tax defaulters is known as tax lien.

When IRS issues letters, notices or summons to intimate you that it is going to claim your property, first it gives you a chance to clear your taxes within a fixed period of time. However, IRS has the power to place your property under levy without seeking an order from the court. It means that you have to be alert against such situations and always be in consultation with your financial advisers to avoid them. The best way to counter them is to give a proper response to IRS correspondence.

If you are receiving IRS letters and not replying them, it will allow the IRS to maintain a record of default acquiescence against you. But, if you always send a response to their correspondence, it will give you a better chance of fighting your case legally. However, the response must be correctly documented so that IRS can consider your case in a right manner. Many kinds of notices and letters are sent by IRS that point out a specific condition of the tax records.

If you are facing such issues and need IRS lien assistance, you can contact an agency that prepares different kinds of IRS responses for the benefit of the taxpayers. Upon exploring the websites of these companies, you can find the responses of different IRS notices including CP41 notice.

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