Benefits of OpenStack Private Clouds

Posted by alvina12 on March 22nd, 2017

If you are looking into an OpenStack private cloud, then you will of course want to know whether it is worth the change. Many people have already made the change and are enjoying numerous benefits which we will share with you today. The development of the OpenStack shared storage is what makes it so beneficial to businesses all over the world, but read on to find them out and see for yourself why it’s good to get with the times.

The first benefit is that by using a cloud you can improve the way you utilize the server vs the conventional methods. You don’t have to have the IT support to be able to shut down processes if need be which is very important for running data analysis and other ad hoc jobs. Being able to underutilize the servers at any time necessary can allow you to run extra virtual commands without an issue or the need for IT staff.

Cloud users are able to work with dashboards that provide self-service for better agility in development. It’s easier for developers to be able to move from coding prototypes to the actual running in smaller data sets. Because you will have less need to call on the help of IT staff, you will be able to do things for yourself, and their expertise can be used in other areas of the company rather than having to spread themselves thinly to keep everything up and running.

OpenStack is usually an open source method; however, you can choose to have a private Open Source cloud which is created specifically for your company. Of course the benefit to this is mainly being able to protect your data and stay within regulations and legalities. You have more control over when and where the information is stored and a lower risk of your security being compromised as it is protected by your firewalls not by those chosen by an openstack providers.

Lots of new features are available by using OpenStack, including those that have been created by well-known companies including social networking sites and search engines. They have made the change because their previous servers were unable to handle the load, where the cloud could with ease. Because of the DIY approach you are able to adapt it to the way you need it rather than having to work around pre-configured settings.

OpenStack was created by NASA and Rackspace, both reputable institutions but now rather than being a monolithic organization, it is more of a consortium. Fragmentation is a possibility by using certain vendors and the community using the OpenStack are able to access more tools and plugins to help them remedy any deficiencies they have with their current module sets.

One option people are looking at is hybrid cloud hosting where so much of the information that is not data sensitive is kept on a public cloud whereas the information they need on a day to day basis is kept private. It is however for most businesses preferable to keep everything in the same place making it easier to locate as and when needed and knowing if downtime happens it is scheduled rather than as and when a public provider decides to update or a problem occurs.

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