Here are some safety rules of CNsuperpower Log Splitter

Posted by chinalogsplitter on March 24th, 2017

The chopper is a quicker tool, but when you use it incorrectly, it can cause serious consequences, such as injury to your hands and feet, and even serious life. So how to correctly use the chopper is a very important issue. In the use of China Log Splitter it is necessary to strictly comply with the safety code. Here are some safety rules you need to follow:

1. Before operating this log splitter, please read all the security rules. Failure to follow these rules may cause serious injury to the operator or bystander.

2. Make sure that all hose connectors and hose are clamped before each use. The connection may be loose over time.

3. Do not let the computer unattended, power operation.

4. Do not operate the machine under the influence of alcohol, drugs or medications.

5. The owner should instruct all operators to operate the safety logarithmic dispenser.

6. Always use the logarithmic dispenser for all safety devices and make any adjustments to all controllers to ensure safe operation.

7. Always run the logarithmic dispenser at the manufacturer's recommended speed. Always keep your hands and feet moving parts.

9. When loading the plunger log divider, place the hand on both sides of the log, not both ends. Do not place any part of the hand or body between the log and any part of the log divider.

10. In the ram-type log divider, do not try to split multiple logs at once, unless ram is fully extended and requires a second log to complete the separation of the first log.

11. In the bar-type log divider whose logs are not cut into a square, the longest part of the log should be rotated downward, and the largest square end is placed on the plunger.

12. You can only manipulate logarithmic dispenser control by hand.

13. Do not refuel until the engine cools for Log Splitter a few minutes.

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