How To Select Homeowners Insurance Based On Claims Online

Posted by Nick Niesen on October 29th, 2010

Many folks like to check out the complaints made against a homeowner insurance company before deciding whether to do business with that company. They can do this online.

Possibly the best place to find information about claims filed against homeowner insurance companies is the Better Business Bureau. Simply visit the site, opt to check out a business, and enter the name and location of the homeowner insurance company you want to research.

Once you find the company in question, you?ll be provided with:

? Basic company information ? This includes the start date, administrative/management personnel, contact information, other company names, etc.

? Membership status ? Although the BBB reports complaint information about insurance companies regardless of membership status, if a company is a member, it shows they support the public services provided by the BBB.

? Complaint issues ? There are a variety of issues customers may have complained about: contract, billing/collection, sales practice, delivery, repair, service, customer service, and refund/exchange.

? Resolution information ? The BBB provides the number of complaints against the homeowner insurance company in the last 36 months. The BBB will state whether the complaint was successfully resolved, or if the company made an effort to resolve the issue but was denied by the customer. (In such cases as the latter, the BBB will state whether they believe the company?s effort was acceptable or not.)

As you?re reading each homeowner insurance company?s report, keep in mind the size of the company. It?s reasonable for large companies with many customers to have more complaints than small companies with fewer customers.

Also, pay more attention to how the complaints were handled than the actual number of complaints. If a homeowner insurance company has had many complaints and handled all of them in a satisfactory way, it?s may actually be doing better than a homeowner insurance company that?s only had a few complaints but neglected to handle them in a satisfactory way.

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