WiFi Clocks Are Superior Options to Manual Clocks for Reliable Time Management

Posted by Chomko LA on March 24th, 2017

Unlike homes, business establishments and institutions run on pre-planned schedules and they manage the timings with master clock systems that synchronize other clocks installed at various sections within the premises.

For an example, a school has its own timetable that are applicable to different classes and the bell system connected to the clock system will ensure that it is followed strictly both by students and the teaching faculty.

Wifi clocks are now in vogue as they are far superior to the antiquated manual clocks that need synchronization of timing very often and fed with power sources such as the mains and batteries. The wireless clocks receiving their time source from by WiFi are the most contemporary clock system that give accurate timings and manage the time table with unprecedented efficiency thus saving time and labour for the management.

The Wi-Fi powered clock system installed in your campus will draw support from your existing computer network and hence will be able to draw time from Network Time Protocol, (NTP) that provides computer time. The clock also consists of IP-PoE powered clocks and they operate on a Ethernet cable and derive their time and power from the same cable.

The clocks are ideal for installing in large campuses, hospitals, K-12 schools and industrial units where the time has to be synchronized to keep it uniform for everyone present there.A Wifi clockwith their ability to retain the accuracy of timings from Internet automatically updates themselves using the NTP time source.

There is no extra expense for internet use as the wifi clocks will use the bandwidth of your existing network which will not amount to much. The clock system is maintenance free and can be run on electricity power or by battery power. There is no need to spread cable all over the establishment as the clocks are accompanied by digital display systems show timings as well as the facility to display messages to concerned individual, group or sections.

Another feature that makes the clocks standout is that they are weather proof hence can be placed on top of lone standing  pillars, structures and buildings without the botheration of them getting damaged. The Wi-Fi powered clock systems can be customized to your needs and the budget you can afford for your establishment.


This article is about the wifi clocks that can be used in schools, hospitals, manufacturing and industrial premises and how accurate and maintenance free they are for use.

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