How To Compare Low Cost Homeowner's Insurance In Washington

Posted by Nick Niesen on October 29th, 2010

In Washington State homeowners should know what is and isn?t covered in their insurance policies. One thing that homeowner insurance companies in Washington State typically don?t include in their coverage is flood damage. If a homeowner is concerned about the threat of a flood, they need to speak to their agent about adding that on.

In addition, there are some things that may be included that aren?t warranted for a particular situation. If you are looking for low cost homeowner?s insurance be aware that the quote you are given may include the following:

?Credit card coverage. Some homeowner?s insurance policies automatically protect homeowner?s if their credit card is stolen from the house. If you already have an agreement in place with your credit card company concerning your liability if this should happen, ask about having that coverage removed.

?Slip and fall coverage. Virtually every home owner insurance policy has coverage for accidents. If someone hurts themselves while on your property you are covered. Find out the level of this coverage. It is designed to cover medical costs of an injured party. If it seems too high, ask about having it lowered. This can reduce insurance premium costs.

?If there are other buildings on your property, your home owner insurance policy will also pertain to those. Check out the levels of coverage and again, if they seem too high, ask to have them reduced. This includes barns, garages and any sheds.

Once you know exactly what options are essential start contacting various home insurance companies for quotes. Remember that they all want your business so they are going to work extra hard to get you to sign with them. This is a great bargaining tool and you should use it to help you secure the lowest rates possible without losing any coverage or benefits.

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