Reasons To Call a Hypnotist For Smoking Issues

Posted by Alina Caine on March 24th, 2017

According to several estimates, over 5 million people die annually because of tobacco related diseases. Despite the awareness and shocking reports, smokers face a hard time quitting, even if they want to. Honestly, the mere willingness to quit is not enough all the time, no matter how important it might be. A variety of supportive techniques also have to be incorporated in the lifestyle of a smoker who needs to be freed of this problem. Hypnosis, with its established effectiveness in training or re-training the human subconscious can give a strong boost to the aforementioned willingness, improving the chances for quitting.

The very objective of calling a hypnotist for smoking is to make the smoker’s mind perceive smoking in a different light. To be more precise, to help the mind perceive smoking in a negative light. The major reason why most quitting attempts fail is because the brain of an addict stops responding to the “rewards” of not smoking. In other words, the subconscious sees no major benefit of quitting! That attitude can change during hypnosis sessions conducted by professionals.

Hypnotherapy to quit smoking works by asking the smoker to imagine unpleasant scenarios related to their ill habit. The hypnotist attempts to train the smoker’s mind to associate the act of smoking with negative thoughts, incidents and outcomes such as feeling parched after finishing every cigarette or smoke being a deadly slow poison for the body. These negative associations are then balanced out with positive thought being instilled with the very idea of quitting.

The smoker is asked to repeat certain affirmations revolving around the need to let the body live and breathe. The hypnotherapist makes these attempts to train the mind into wanting to quit at a deeper level. That is because it becomes more likely that the smoker would quit if his or her subconscious wants to quit!

By definition, hypnosis is more like a semi-conscious state of mind that can be said to put the person under some sort of a trance. This is a condition when the mind is more passive and ready to accept suggestions more readily than when it is in a completely aware and conscious state. To be more specific, hypnosis puts the left side of the brain into an “off” mode because the right side is the non analytical part. When this non- analytical part becomes the more dominant one, that is when the subconscious can be trained.

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