The main reason that you might need to adjust the speed of your Log splitter

Posted by chinalogsplitter on March 25th, 2017

You accept apparently noticed that your log splitter has a set engine acceleration it uses to cut through timber. This engine acceleration in fact controls the bulk of force that the block is advance on the copse to breach it apart. If you wish the block to apply added force you will charge to access the engine acceleration of your splitter; this can be accomplished on some models, but not all.

The capital acumen that you ability charge to acclimatize the acceleration of your splitter is to advice the block breach through harder timbers. In these cases, a faster acceleration will cut through the balk in far below swings and after abatement the wedge.

Step 1: Take a attending at your owner’s manual, which will accommodate you with the abounding blueprint of the splitter (such as its engine size, force and torque). How fast is it currently operating at and can you acclimatize this?

Step 2: Find the ‘force adjustment’ punch about on the physique of the splitter. If your archetypal does not accept one of these dials, the alone way to acclimatize the acceleration will be by alteration the engine power, which is acutely dangerous.

Step 3: Accomplish abiding the log splitter is angry off afore you attack to accomplish any adjustments. Accidentally bumping or axis a punch could alpha the engine and could cause austere accidents and injuries.

Step 4: Turn the punch to a lower force or speed. It is best to alpha low and plan your way up. On some models, you will be able to do this one footfall at a time until you accept accomplished your adapted speed.

Step 5: Alpha your engine up and analysis out the new acceleration by putting a section of copse below the wedge. If it moves too quickly, pieces of balk can fly out and hit yourself or others, causing austere injury.

As you can see, it is accessible to acclimatize the acceleration of some log splitters application the dials provided by the manufacturer. Whilst it is accessible to acclimatize the acceleration in added ways, it is important to accumulate in apperception that these are awful alarming and are not recommended in any way. You could aswell try cutting the wedge, as this will advice it to move through the balk abundant quicker.

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