Philips Projector Bulbs: Understand Basic Factors About Projectors And Bulbs

Posted by Mark Page on March 27th, 2017

Projectors are quite dependable in homes and offices for conveying an important piece of information to a large group of people. Projectors in their different models and types are used for entertainment, seminars and various other office purposes. While choosing a projector, you need to understand various factors such as video output, screen size, sound and portability and then decide the right type to purchase.
A projector can be described as a television to give video output but in a larger format with more appealing audio and visual effects. Projectors have many more benefits over an ordinary TV or computer. Digital projectors are divided mainly in types namely – pocket projectors, home theater, multimedia and fixed installation projectors. There are also models apart from these categories designed and marketed for different applications.

Pocket projectors as the name suggests are comparatively more portable than other models. This is a relatively new technology in market. They are very convenient to place and carry around, although you have to compromise on the video quality for this portable handling. On the other hand, multimedia projectors are meant for wider business usage such as power point presentation, video screening and slideshows etc. They are a bit behind the pocket projectors in portability but offer excellent brightness and picture quality that suffices for professional projects. Latest models come in thinner body and lighter weight make equipped with smart control systems such as zoom options and multiple resolution options.
Apart from professional projectors, home theater projectors are always in high demand for entertainment purposes. Home theater projects have greater zoom quality and are designed to be used within limited distances such as inside living rooms. Fixed installation projectors are the brightest with brightness level from 4500 to 20000 and more. They are difficult to move frequently and are fixed for stable usage such as cinema halls, stadiums etc.
Choosing the compatible replacement bulbs is equally essential as purchasing the right projector. Incompatible bulbs can shorten the life of a projector. You must always consult the expert or browse online stores for the compatible replacement bulbs. There are many online stores from where you can shop products from original manufacturers such as Philips projector bulbs and Optoma hd6800 projector by filling out a brief form with basic information to identify the right model.
Author’s Bio: The author is a web blogger. The above article talks about various projectors and replacement bulbs in details varying from original manufacturers such as Philips projector bulbs. For more detail :

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