The assistance that a Log Splitter can offer you

Posted by chinalogsplitter on March 27th, 2017

When it comes to cutting up large amounts of firewood, you cannot go past the assistance that a Log Splitter can offer you. Not only will this piece of equipment allow you to quickly and effortlessly cut through even the hardest of trunks, it will ensure that you have an endless supply of timber during the winter. That is, until something goes wrong.

    Hydraulic: Unfortunately, manual hydraulic splitters have great difficulty in cutting through knots in the wood. Even with a 10 tonne leverage, you will find it very difficult to split knots. You should try to avoid cutting through knots at all costs.

    Electric: When using an electric log splitter, you will find that the biggest issue you will face is lack of mobility, as you can only use the equipment in places where you have access to electricity.

    Fuel: Even though fuel powered splitters are the most powerful on the market, they do tend to be fairly large and heavy. You will need a trailer or a ute, in most instances, to move one. As this equipment operates on fuel, it can be quite expensive purchasing it all the time.

To help lessen the effects of these issues, you need to ensure that you properly care for and maintain your log splitter. This includes cleaning the equipment after each use (to remove traces of sap, Forest King Log Splitter which can cause the metal to rust) and storing it with the bleed valve open (which will prevent fluid loss). This sort of maintenance will ensure that your splitter is long lasting.

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