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Posted by SHOUVY on March 27th, 2017

Just when you thought that having your period is bad, your skin suddenly gets all messed up. You suffer from menstrual cramps while at work. People around you laugh at your mood swings. And you can’t stand up or walk without the constant worry about your pants getting stained.

And at the end of the day, when you look at the mirror, you see little bumps that looks like they’re going to have a breakout soon. Don’t stress yourself out too much about it. It’s a normal thing and we’re here to help you get through it.

Skin care and periods

Be Mindful of the Days

Sometimes, it’s not so bad to have pimples before getting your period. It can serve as a preparation for you so your period won’t be much of a bloody surprise anymore - no pun intended.

Days of Dread

When the days of cramps and mood swings have come, your skin might be more of a mess. This is initially caused by the hormonal changes in your body.

Even when the cramps and mood swings are making you stay in bed, rise above the hardships. Take a bath and enjoy the flow. Your skin might produce excessive oils which will worsen the acne condition. Combat it with regular washing and use skin whitening products.

Having a drier skin is also a possible case when you have your period. Don’t fret because moisturizing creams and facial cleansers are here for you.

Women on their period are also prone to stress eating. Comfort foods like ice cream and fries may worsen the skin condition. Too much sugar, oils and fats are known to cause more acne breakouts. Keep a healthy diet.

Don’t idle about these skin problems while you’re on your period. Chances are, they can stay on your skin even after your period is long over. If you won’t do anything, the problem that is supposed to be for a week can be a long-term one. Nobody wants that.

Your body goes through a lot during your period. But it is still important to take care of yourself even when your whole body just wants to lie down and stay still. Don’t let your period get the best of you.


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