5 Fantastic Ways Of Maintaining Upholstery

Posted by Jonatha on March 28th, 2017

Have you recently invested in upholstering your furniture or car seats? Do they now look dashing than ever? You will want to maintain them that way, right? Well, it is not really that difficult. All you need to do is, take good care and maintain them properly.

Custom made furniture in Auckland has always been in vogue as we kiwis love everything stylish. Marine upholstery in Auckland is also as in demand as auto upholstery in Auckland. Seeing its popularity, we decided to tell you all some really simple ideas to make the upholstery last longer.

Maintaining your car seats and furnitures in their top shape is not a rocket science, and is rather simple. In Auckland upholstery shops are much loved and sort after. Keeping that in mind, here are 5 ways you can take care of your upholstery without any fuss.

The right fabric matters: Choosing the right fabric is the key when it comes to maintaining upholstery. Consider your needs, the weather conditions, and your living style. You might want to sit down with your upholster and discuss the fabric that will best suit your requirement. The correct fabric makes maintaining your furniture easier and thus elongates its life.

Give it protection: Once you have the upholstering process done, try to give the fabric all the protection you can. There are several fabric protection products available in the market, use them on your upholstery. You cannot avoid eating or drinking while you are on the furniture (of course), so, try and be careful and don’t spill on it.

Keep it clean: We understand that even after being careful, you can end up staining and dirtying the upholstery. Make it a point to clean the furniture properly. Vacuum it regularly, at least once every week. In case you stain it, make sure to gently clean it immediately.

Don’t expose it to too much sun: Too much sunlight is bad for your upholstery. Position your furniture in such a way that it not exposed to the sun for long periods at a stretch. The sun damages the fabric as it results in fading and wearing out of the upholstery.

Get experts to clean regularly: To maintain the upholstery in top condition, it is essential to get it cleaned by professionals on a regular basis. Have the experts visit every couple of years. Professionals have access to the best ways of cleaning and that enhances the condition and life of the upholstery.

Stylish furnitures look fantastic, speak volumes about your personality and add charm to your house, they deserve the care; so, give them the care they deserve. Follow these utterly simple ideas and keep your upholstery game strong. :)

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