How can the Energy Saving Bulb Add an Element of Romance to Your Home Decor?

Posted by EnergyLightBulbs on March 28th, 2017

What is energy saving bulb?

Energy saving bulb may create the right ambience, right atmosphere in the home while adding a touch of romance. Romance in the home is all about using the right type of lighting. No other light option is better than the energy saving candle bulbs. It will set a romantic mood and also allow you to save on the energy costs. As the name suggests, the bulb can save up to 80% electricity and thus it is far more cost effective than the conventional bulbs. Energy efficient lighting can be compact fluorescent lamp or the light emitting diode. When compared to the traditional incandescent, the energy efficient bulbs can use just 25% of electricity than the traditional bulbs and thus you enjoy saving money. It can also last 4-5 times more than the traditional bulbs.

What is a garden spike light?

Garden spike lights are the practical solutions for lighting up the gardens. This is the kind of garden lighting which fabulously defines your driveways, illumines your pathways and also makes sure that no one comes across any accident due to poor garden lighting. The extremely versatile lighting fixture is just perfect for the flower beds, lighting paths and also the steps of your outdoor setting. You may go for the outdoor spotlights that may bring your dark garden to life. Spike light is the simplest way of illumining your garden even in the nighttimes. The best part is that it makes use of the low voltage bulb connectors that are much easier and quicker to work with. Nevertheless, energy efficient spike lights are economical lighting solutions that help you to save a lot of money.

The benefits of using energy saving bulb

You can use the energy saving bulb to reap the following benefits:

  • The bulb consumes 80% less electrical energy than what the conventional bulbs consumed.
  • It is important to replace your old bulbs with the new energy saving lighting solutions since the new kind of bulbs last ten times more than the conventional ones.
  • Such bulbs emit less of heat when compared to the conventional ones. So, if you wish a lighting solution for any confined area, you may go for such bulbs.
  • Energy saving candle bulbs emits the same intensity of white light as was emitted by the conventional bulbs. What you get is bright and white light that strains your eyes far less than the yellow light.
  • Since the newer bulbs of energy saving category bear the same kind of size and specification, you need not change the fixture at all. So, the romantic ambience can be attained much easily.
  • There are many people who complain that the energy saving bulb costs more but they fail to understand how durable they are. Such bulbs last much more than other kinds of bulbs and so you actually save in the long run.

To get the romantic ambience in the garden, you can use garden spike lights. You can create wonderful pool area with such lights.

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