Catalyst Fitness Persevering Dedication to Health and Fitness

Posted by ph on March 28th, 2017

Catalyst Fitness located in Georgia has been solely dedicated to transforming lives through personal training in health and fitness for the past 11 years. They achieve this through their personal training and enhancement facilities available. They follow a unique scientific approach to fitness and well being of the Trainee. Their Outlet consists of the best and well experienced trainers following strict schedules and strategies for training. They also specialize in advanced training techniques. They hold multiple degrees and certificates as proof in their specialization in training and fitness. They also have state-of –the –art facilities for workouts at their outlets.

  • It primarily conducts Personal Training Buckhead, Georgia.  The Trainers at catalyst fitness take special care and pride in training. They have their own training team guiding the trainee to a goal of ultimate wellness and fitness.
  • What makes them more alluring is that they have their own flexible hours of training and fitness exercises. They train small groups in order to have the utmost effects. Their personal training sessions are available by appointments that are fixed over the phone or by person. Their work days are from Monday to Friday from 6 AM To 12 Pm; 4 Pm – 8 pm. And on Saturdays from 9 Am -12 Pm. The small group training session begins when one arrives and ends when one completes the entire training for the day. The small group training costs ranges from 0 for a 12 month agreement and 0 for a monthly agreement. There are also one-on-one personal training sessions also provided. These personal Training sessions are said to be available at a less cost to enable enjoyable training experiences.
  • The Catalyst Fitness outlet is conveniently located near the intersection of Peachtree Road and Peach tree Battle Road  in Astoria. They are successful local and industry award winners, in fact more than any other training facility available in the Southeast
  • They also have their own Massage therapy Buckhead, enabling the customers to relieve their joints and aches. This is especially beneficial for their aged and work going customers.
  • Catalyst Fitness also stresses on work-place health and wellness to prevent absenteeism, Stress, Headaches, tensions, Fights, etc which are prone to happen in work-places without the right fitness levels. They are committed to ensuring an Healthy, active and fit workforce at offices. The fitness training covers various areas ranging from cardio-vascular, strength, flexibility and fitness at all levels of the work force. They achieve this through their corporate wellness programs.
  • Catalyst Fitness also under take to teach clinics, conference speaking, and also helping trainers around the world to give the trainees the best training performances and effects possible. Their training and contributions span the world covering almost all the countries it could possibly reach out to.
  • Their private Instruction also comprises of Judo and wrestling folk style, Greco-Roman, and Freestyle which is taught to trainees.

Catalyst Fitness located at the intersection of Peach tree road and Peachtree battle Road, Austoria, Georgia is a Fitness outlet having its influence at training people in fitness and wellness around the world. They conduct personal training sessions, one-on –one training sessions, massage therapy, jitsu, wrestling, etc at flexible hours. They also do group training covering cost packages. They also conduct corporate wellness programs. Their main goal is ultimate wellness and fitness.

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