Importance of the Environment and Quality Managements System

Posted by Christian Silmaro on March 29th, 2017

International Organization for Standardization has made the guidelines for the environment management system to be prevailed in every organization. It is a concern for the protection of the environment pollution caused due to the organization. The standard came into existence 15 years ago and still in the implementation because of the result driven by the standard.

After, the launch of the certification till now nearly quarter million organization has acquired the certification. The management system will be governed by the people only the standard aims at the creating awareness for the environment across the world. The Environment can be managed along with the other standard such as Quality managements system and Occupational Health and Safety management system. The combination with any of the two forms an integrated management system that will enhance the efficiency of an organization. While implementing the three standard separately and implementing the three altogether reduced cost and time both for the organization and, as a result, it helps in improving the efficiency of the organization to a larger extent. The Occupation Health and Safety concern is applicable under the ISO 18001 guidelines. The quality management system is included in the ISO 9001 certification Bangalore. The quality management is a requirement of each and every organization for the effective regulation of the   working of the organization.

The ISO standard is universally known, and accepted guidelines made of the environmental pollution control. The guidelines are under the legal acceptance and will reduce the adverse impact of the organization over the environment. The certification given to an organization by an accrediting body will be valued all across the world. An accrediting body established in every region that is authorized by the International Organization for standardization for granting the certification to the organizations.   And will aims to improve and manage the systematic procedure involved in the environment protection. The enterprise whether it is a single site or multinational, high-risk to low-risk companies, manufacturing to service based are all applicable for the standard. Any enterprise dealing in any other business verticals, private or public sector, all are applicable for incorporate the standard and get the authentication for the governing body as a concern for the environmental responsibility.

The Environmental Managements System   is controlled by the ISO 14001 standard. The standard is globally accepted and implemented by most of the organization in order to show the environment that responsibility from the stakeholder, employees and other personnel associated with the organization. More than 20,000 organization has gained the certification till now.

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