Save Big Money On Your Car Insurance - Now!

Posted by Nick Niesen on October 29th, 2010

What if I could save you 10-20% of your yearly automobile insurance which can literally be hundreds of dollars? Very few people shop car insurance companies, yet we price shop in grocery and department stores every day.

It is not that difficult. Do a little research (5 ? 10 minutes) on the type coverage you have and I will help take you forward. I have no real secret here for some of you; BUT, make yourself do the following:

1. Get online and on the phone and get at least 7-10 estimates on car insurance. The more estimates the better. You will be amazed at the discrepancies in pricing. That alone will probably result in major savings for you. Make sure that each company is providing quotes on the same coverage.

2. Make sure the automobile insurance companies know you are getting estimates from others. It may help you get an even better rate.

3. Use the highest automobile insurance deductible YOU can afford. In other words, if something happens to your car, how much would you be able to pay out of pocket BEFORE your insurance money kicks in?

4. Eliminating full coverage on an older, paid off car may or may not be the best plan for you. If the car is not worth much, it is generally better to reduce your coverage. Analyze the cost of full coverage and determine if you want to eliminate that portion of the insurance. How do you analyze? Ask your current agent and one or two of the ones you are getting quotes from. That is it! It is just that quick and easy!


Look for automobile insurance companies via Google and use your local yellow pages. Do it. Don't delay. And start enjoy the savings right now!

Let me know via comments how much you saved. Good luck.

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