Your Baldness Stage Decides Required Grafts And Cost For You

Posted by neha verma on March 29th, 2017

If the nightmares of going bald are haunting you, it is the right time to get to an authentic clinic for the treatment. If you are thinking you are not late to get the treatment, you are probably overshooting the mark. The Avenues clinic always guides the patients to think about of the treatment as this clinic always try to reduce Hair Transplant Cost In Ahmedabad. Do you ever think that you may have a costly treatment if you are late to meet the doctor? You may think what we mean by going to the clinic at the right time. Continue to read, you would get the answer.

Your Baldness Stages:

The story of hair loss or baldness starts from normal or mild hair fall that changes itself in severe hair loss following a gradual process. Sometimes, the patients are able to observe the changes and most of the time, they ignore the gradual changes. Severe hair loss leads to initial stages of baldness. If the patients are still ignorant, the baldness advances to the next stages that are more severe showing the sign of complete baldness.

The Norwood-Hamilton scale is generally used to measure the extent of hair loss in men. The measurement of the baldness is divided into seven stages that show the advancement and severity of the baldness. A general overview of all the stages is given below:

Stage I:

At this stage, there is not any hair loss is observed on the head.

Stage II:

This stage shows a mild hair loss that is concentrated on the frontal hair line.

Stage III:

This stage can be said to be the earliest stage of hair loss. At this stage, the hair loss can be observed at the temples, which are either bare or only covered by a thin layer of hair.

Stage IV:

At this stage, the hair loss at the crown is evident. Most of the time, a bridge made of moderately dense hair separates the hair loss at the front of the scalp from that at the vertex or the crown of the head. The sides of the head show not effects of baldness.

Stage V:

This stage is the beginning of severe hair loss. It leaves a negligible separation between the loss of hair at the hairline and the loss of hair at the crown.

Stage VI:

At this stage, The Bridge of hair seems fully vanished. A ‘U’ shape is formed by the remaining hair around the baldness concentrated in the center of the scalp.

Stage VII:

Only a layer of thin hair remains on the sides and back of the scalp at this advanced stage of the baldness.

Maybe, now you can understand the reason for a reduced cost of hair loss treatment. You are a smart patient if you decide to visit the clinic at the right time. However, the Avenues clinic always tries to reduce the Hair Transplant PriceIn Ahmedabad, but if the patients come to the clinic at the correct time, deciding the cost of the treatment will be more comfortable.

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