How to Shift from Manual Tester to Automation Software Tester

Posted by SQUAD Infotech Pvt. Ltd. on March 29th, 2017

It’s not very hard to become an automation software tester if you are already a manual tester. But, there is a lot of work you have to do when you are switching your career from manual to automation software testing. The first thing you have to make sure is your base. You should learn the basics of testing very well. For that, there are a lot of courses for automation testing available inIndia.

Automation testing is a branch of testing. To know everything about testing is very necessary. You should what you are testing and why you are testing it. You should start early. Don’t wait for an automation project to come to you. You should get started way before that. Install the software on your personal machine and start working on it or take up an automation testing courses in Mumbai.

There are a lot of software available for your testing. Always strive to be better. Once you solve a problem and write a program and you succeed in it. You should not be over confident about it. Practice more and more and think of making it better. Try to achieve the result in fewer lines or codes. When you learn something, you have to practice it practically. Otherwise everything is a waste.

Be patient with yourself and keep practicing codes on a regular basis. Always remember, testing is verification and validation. You should always make sure that your program will be able to clearly determine and show the result as pass or failed. Stay updated with latest knowledge about automation testing.

Get familiar with basic coding concepts. Most of the programming languages are moreover the same or related to each other. You will realize it when you study them deeply. You can start up coding concepts of any language of your choice. For example, VB scripting, you will have to study about arrays, loop statements, functions etc. Once you understand the basics of any one language, you will easily understand other languages.

Writing a program for the first time is difficult. You might make a lot of errors. But there is nothing to worry about. With practice you will overcome these mistakes. As you get better, the kind of commands that are being executed become more and more complex, and executing such commands successfully is what comprises experience.

There are several institutes that provide training in automation and manual testing.  Squad Infotech is one of the leading institutions for automation testing. They help you achieve the best. Everything about the institution is mentioned on our website. If you have any queries related to the courses we offer, you can send an email or contact us on the contact information given.

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