Order Custom Made Golf Clocks to Raise the Esteem of Your Golf Club

Posted by Chomko LA on March 30th, 2017

Golf is a great game and a can be extremely enjoyable if the operations are run smoothly. Golf courses are also a thing of beauty. Manicured grass beautiful display of hazards like sand bunkers and lakes.  Golf Clocks serve both of these requirements. 

A solar street clock at the practice range will tie the practice area and the first tee together. This ensures that first tee operations operate on time and therefore the golf operations run smoothly.

The solar post clocks can also be custom to the uniqueness of the golf club.  A well designed post clock will enhance the overall image of the club.

A golf course is a huge area and most of the time the practice area is not next to the 1st tee and this can make the operations a bit edgy.  Once you have one group teeing off late every group behind the first will tee off late.

A strategically placed golf clock needs to be installed tactically so the players always can have sight of the clock dial or display to keep an eye towards teeing off on time. The golf slow play is a chronic problem, which is resolved by the golf clocks that stand tall and announce timings in the most sophisticated manner, and they can be digital as well as analog and synchronized to show correct timings.

The lone standing post-mounted analog golf clock is the ideal option for the golf course over the old manually operated clocks that may not show accurate timings or work correctly. The clocks can be designed according to your taste and to suit the background of your golf course.

The digital display clocks are useful choice as they have the ability to convey the time and temperature but may lack the overall ascetics so important to many country clubs.

The clocks can be battery operated or electric charged and the clocks with advanced technology come with solar powered motors to be independent. Using the indoor clocks for outdoor use is not contemporary option so it will be a better decision to plant outdoor clocks that are specially built for the golf grounds.

The golf clock allows the players to keep an eye on the time andcontrol their speed of play making the game interesting to watch. The clocks can be ordered with specifications and specially designed clocks with ornamental decoration can be a highlight of your golf course and the clock makers also provide immediate service when they malfunction but such cases are rare as they are made with unfailing technology and power options.

Golf clocks being outdoor applications they are made with waterproof casing and are installed with solar cells to charge them. Uniquely designed golf clocks will raise the importance and the rankings of golf courses and will have more satisfied members in their muster.


This article is about the use of a golf clock and how it is effective in controlling play and raising the standard of a golf club and keeps the game’s entertainment value.

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