Don A Black Tuxedo With Wide Peak Lapel For A Gentleman?s Look

Posted by Jacob Oram on March 30th, 2017

According to many people, the credit for the creation of tuxedo goes to wealthy American aristocrats attending the Autumn Ball in Tuxedo Park, New York. However, the fact is that this particular garment belongs to the time of Prince Edward VII. It is said that Savile Row tailor Henry Poole & Co., fit the prince for an ensemble, more formal than a lounge suit, but not without the trimmings of a tailcoat. Back in that time, the prince commissioned it in blue with matching pants and the "dinner jacket". The prime thing to notice is that during this time, the jacket was usually black, shawl collared, and accompanied by white accessories. There have been significant changes in tuxedo styles in the last few decades, but what remains the same is its massive popularity.

Also known as dinner suit or dinner jacket, a tuxedo is a semi-formal evening suit. As far as the differences between tuxedos and suits are concerned, there are many. First and foremost, tuxedos are more formal than suits. The reason tuxedos are a more formal choice of attire is because of the use of specific color (black or midnight blue) as well as peculiarity in pockets, pocket square, jacket lapel, etc. Also, note that while tuxedos are considered to be best for evening time, suits can be worn at any time of the day. While suits are worn with long ties and high stance vests, tuxedos are generally worn with bow ties and cummerbunds or waistcoats. Additionally, it is the presence of satin that differentiates the two types. Traditionally tuxedos have satin facing on the lapels, pocket trim, buttons, and a satin side stripe down the leg of the trousers. On the other hand, suits do not have satin and usually have either plastic buttons or buttons faced with the same fabric as the coat.

Need to attend an evening party? Were you planning to wear a suit? If so, ditch the idea right away! Go ahead and get a black tuxedo with wide peak lapel. Not only it will add appeal to your look, but also make you stand out in the crowd. Donning a black tuxedo with wide peak lapel would work wonders in bringing out the best of your personality and extend the look of a true gentleman. And in case, you want to get dressed in a classy yet unusual piece, go for a white tuxedo jacket with black lapel. No doubt, you will grab attention and receive plentiful compliments.

That said, don’t waste any more time. Look for a store that offers men’s custom tailored clothing online right away!

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