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Posted by Nick Niesen on October 29th, 2010

If you are married and you need automobile insurance, you can expect to see some discounts depending on your driving and credit record. The thinking behind this theory is, most married couples are suppose to be more responsible and settled down. The potential to drive carelessly has been eliminated.

If the driving records of one or both drivers is bad, your car insurance rate will be higher than someone that has a clean driving record and is single. Whether one or both have a bad driving record, you still have a high-risk attached to your automobile insurance policy.

For the most part, car insurance covers all drivers in a household whether married or not. If you live with someone who has a poor driving record and tell the car insurance company this person is able to drive your car, you will pay a higher automobile insurance premium. It may be wise for the spouse with the bad driving record to take a safely drivers course to help lower the cost of the insurance premium.

When two people decide to get married, they usually have two cars and separate insurance policies. You need to determine which automobile insurance company will provide you with the cheapest car insurance and then decide to keep one or try an entirely different insurance company. Keep in mind, married couples receive discount for their age, marital status, education, driving record and credit history. For more info see on Compare Care Insurance

If all the information supplied to the car insurance company is positive, you should receive discounts allowing for lower insurance premiums. If you become divorced or widowed your automobile insurance reverts to a single premium resulting in a higher car insurance rate. Most people do not find this to important when considering their impending divorce, but widower?s sometimes find this to cause a financial burden.

Some interesting facts about car insurance and married couples are that no matter what your age, if you are married you receive a discount for being married. If you combine all your insurance needs into one package after you are married, you receive a better deal on insurance rates. The way of the world today offers more incentives to marry then to stay single, even though some single people actually may be a better driver than a married couple may. The car insurance company recognizes your marital status as a determining factor, but it should not be included.

A married couple can obtain quotes from various automobile insurance companies and receive discounts that allow you to choose from many different companies. Always remember the cheapest insurance might offer the same coverage you have been used to as a single person, so adding more coverage may be required.

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