Fish Maw Suppliers: Choose the Best amongst Thousands of Suppliers

Posted by Mohammed Shahul Hameed on March 30th, 2017

The swim bladders of fish, popularly known as fish maw, are much sought after globally. Traditionally considered as one of the most important ingredients in Chinese cuisine fish maw is highly nutritious. With a very high concentration of proteins and low fat composition, fish maw greatly contributes to nutrition. Due to the demand for fish maw, it is highly likely that a search for fish maw may result in landing at the doorsteps of a supplier with inferior quality. We swim through the deluge of suppliers to show how you can choose the best one to meet your requirements.

Suppliers with international certifications are more reliable
It is essential to choose a reliable supplier. While it may difficult to discern the reliability of a supplier, it is a great idea to look for international certification. Fish processing industries are governed by ISO 22000:2005 and HACCP. A certified supplier is an indication of procedures and processes being followed for high quality. It is easy to filter out many of the supplier through this simple method, leaving only a lesser number of supplier from which to choose the best one.

Winnow with criteria such as infrastructure and proximity to catch locations
Fish and all fish products need to be processed properly before being made available in the market. Look for companies that have good infrastructure for the processing. A supplier who follows the right process and uses highly trained manpower to oversee the processes will offer better quality by default. Similarly, it is important that the processing facility is located in close proximity to the catch locations. This will ensure that catch is processed as fresh as possible. Facilities that are far away will take a lot of time in transferring the catch, thereby degrading the quality of the catch.

Reputation and packaging quality
The quality of the packing will ensure that the fish maw lasts longer on the shelves or in transit. Poor packaging will render the maw unhealthy for consumption. Suppliers who take great care to package the fish maw in tear proof packaging are a better choice. The size of presentation is important for consumers. Reputed suppliers make the fish maw available in multiple presentation packages to meet diverse requirements of individuals and commercial establishments.

Choose a supplier who has a wide presence internationally. Specialists who deal in specific types of fishes will also be a good choice, because their focused approach will ensure that the buyer gets the best quality.

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