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Posted by James Belly on March 30th, 2017

Marketing and branding are an investment you’ve got to make even if things look good now. The only way for your business to succeed is if you have a genius marketing and brand strategy.

The holy grail of marketing is branding. We say this because as we started out, it was clear that we needed a genius marketing strategy to push our products to the top. But, guess what, we were wrong, and we know that you are too. Your marketing strategy is a great step in the right direction, but branding is what positions your business. New and existing clients identify with brands. You may learn or hear this from big or small business marketing agencies in London, but the experience is also another great teacher. Make a wise choice.

The upside of building your brand with the help of a marketing agency is that they know the ropes – what works for your market niche, what doesn’t, who to work with, and best of all, teach you more about branding. You’ll learn the following from the gurus:

You have to create a brand identity

This is where all the seemingly little things lie. Your target market identifies you through your logo, colours, typography, messaging, and packaging. These features of the brand must remain consistent while complementing your business’ reputation.

How do you create the befitting identity?

• Have a clear purpose for your brand.

• Undertake thorough market research.

• Create a likable personality.

• Use an attractive color palette for your logo and find a memorable graphical representation for your logo.

Brand identity helps in brand positioning. You should remember that a brand sets expectations, stories, and memories which when put together determine the decisions which your clients make.

Brand voice

What is the personality of your brand in the way it ‘speaks’? The tone and the voice that you bring out determine your audience. There is an audience for a playful and a serious tone.


Content is King. Can you write great content that resonates with your brand’s voice for you to create that signature identity? If you can’t write, do you have the right people to get the work done? This may seem frivolous, but it is not. You need to work with a marketing agency in London that offers copywriting to get you started. Creativity in design and content will push your marketing strategy to the top.

Your brand’s future

You may be under the wings of the best marketing agency in London but, wouldn’t you wish to run things independently at some point? Well, work with a marketing company that offers extensive marketing management and training to boost your brand's identity and development in the dynamic market.

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