Why BC Real Estate License Is The Prerequisite For Real Estate Brokering?

Posted by Excel Academy on March 31st, 2017

For people looking for a very lucrative business opportunity, real estate brokering comes across as a top choice. In fact real estate brokers enjoy the benefits of excellent incomes and they also contribute towards the economy in a direct as well as indirect ways. However the prerequisite for practicing as a real estate broker is a real estate license. Possessing a real estate license is an important requirement for becoming a real estate agent. Today it is not difficult to obtain a real estate license as the qualifications for getting a real estate license are very minimal.

BC real estate license requires you to first check the eligibility criteria for obtaining a real estate license in your state. The real estate license eligibility criterion in most of the places is simple such as:

· You must be nineteen years of age or older and need to display the proof of your Canadian citizenship or landed immigrant status, or a work permit.

· It is essential that you have a good reputation including your general business and personal reputation. Persons with any criminal records are not permitted.

· It is necessary that you have registered at the UBC for the "Real Estate Trading Services" course. You will receive study material from the UBC, which you must complete and pass within a year.

· If you want to qualify for real estate license you must satisfy the Language Proficiency Requirement (LPI) to be eligible to write the UBC exam.

· From the date you register you have two years at the UBC to pass the UBC Real Estate Licensing Exam.

Real Estate Licensing is offered through a number of real estate schools some of which are offering online training for a real estate license. In addition there is the Real Estate Trading Services Course which is offered as a correspondence course exclusively through the UBC on behalf of the Real Estate Council of BC. If you are interested you have the option to register by phone at 604-822-8444, or online at Programs Licensing Registration. For this you might be required to take up a tutorial program to get through the exam.

Real Estate Tutorial programs at Excel Realty Academy are designed to help get you through the UBC course which is a condition to real estate license. The prerequisites of the Excel Realty Academy are planning ahead with proper preparation and thus they require the candidate to be registered for the Real Estate Trading Services Course at the UBC. Secondly you must satisfy the Language Proficiency Index (LPI) requirement of the UBC.

For more details visit website www.excelrealtyacademy.com.

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