Benefits of Online Survey Software Tool

Posted by Primosurvey on April 1st, 2017

Businesses have relied on inputs from surveys before, during and after the launch of services or durables in the market. One of the most powerful tools to aid businesses, surveys have come a long way from the traditional PAPI (Paper and Pencil Interviewing). Online surveys have replaced most forms of survey, straddling virtually every sphere of activity. We delve into world of online surveys and the benefits that have accrued to businesses from these web enabled tools.

Rapid dissemination of questionnaire and collection of responses

Unrivalled in terms of speed of distribution and collection of responses, online surveys can be launched in minutes. The use of advanced tools, and statistical analysis factored into the algorithms help the tools to turn out reports faster than imagined. Online surveys help businesses to have their fingers on the pulse of stakeholders. This gives them a lead, an advantage over competition by immediately learning about customer expectations and feedback.

Major savings in costs

Online surveys are one of the most economical ways to gather information. Other forms of survey such as the traditional face to face surveys or telephonic surveys are expensive. Traditional surveys require either establishment or outsourcing costs, not to mention the resources for interpreting the information. Online surveys are the least expensive, returning results that are hugely beneficial.

Respondent comfort and convenience

Traditional interviews call for allocation of time. And it may not always be conducive for the respondent. The respondent may attempt to complete the interview as quickly as possible, not wanting to spoil an obligatory consent to be interviewed. Additionally, depending on the nature of the products or questionnaire, respondents may find it uncomfortable to reply to certain questions to an individual. An online survey offers discretion, and respondents are more comfortable while keying in their likes and dislikes on a machine.

Power of programming to crunch data

Online surveys, by virtue of being linked with advanced programming effort have the innate ability to crunch data better. The algorithms break down complex questions and ratings to interpret and reveal information that will help businesses to rate their products or services. The feedback thus obtained from respondents also assist businesses in their launch plans, by factoring in customer expectations.The flexibility that comes with software helps in the design of surveys that are easy to understand and highly user friendly. Drop down boxes, drag and stretch ratings etc. are some of the features that make the experience more interesting.

Online survey tools are one of the most convenient methods of soliciting information. The features of the tools help businesses to target a particular category of respondents and send automated reminders. The analyzed information and reports can be exported in a format that is easily readable or print friendly. Online surveys are designed to engage respondents in a healthy manner so as to elicit proper responses without confusion. Overall, online surveys offer businesses a versatile tool to gauge customer satisfaction. It also offers respondents a convenient platform to provide correct feedback and expectations. Companies desirous of gauging employee satisfaction stand to benefit by understanding exact employee needs and morale.

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