The Must-Have Technologies Of 2017

Posted by Orion Network Solutions on April 1st, 2017

Technologies that are more advanced, innovative, and powerful are expected to be launched this 2017, exciting fans in and tech-savvy enthusiasts alike. Some of these technologies feature game-changing features that have never been seen in other products before, and other manufacturers and developers are expected to follow their trends with similar features, with a bit of innovation on design and additional specs. Here is an overview of the must-have technologies of 2017: 

  • Project Scorpio – Microsoft is creating a video game machine, which they are claiming to be the most powerful ever. The device will come with 4k gaming and six teraflops of processing power, and it will be compatible with Xbox One accessories and games. Microsoft Project Scorpio should arrive in the fourth quarter of the year. 
  • Nintendo Switch – Nintendo is no stranger to portable game consoles with successful line of products like the Gameboy and the Nintendo DS, but they upped their game with the Switch. Being a hybrid of a tablet and two detachable controllers, the portable gaming console is nothing like anything we have seen previously. Nintendo Switch lets you attach the controllers to the screen or use them individually, and it comes with a docking station that lets you play games on your TV. This gadget is slated for release in March.
  • Surface Pro 5 – Microsoft may have not included this high-end laptop in its October 2016 event, but it is expected to have Intel’s seventh-generation Kaby Lake processor, and the USB Type-C port, which we first saw in the latest MacBook Pro. 
  • A new Google laptop running on a new version of Android – Google is overhauling Android and Chrome operating systems to make them work on more devices. It is building a laptop that will run on Andromeda OS, Android’s special version, and the product is expected to come out in fall 2017. The laptop is known as a hybrid of a traditional laptop and a tablet, but with a lot more power. 
  • Samsung Galaxy S8 – Samsung is expected to overcome its failure with the Galaxy Note 7 with its new phone in spring 2017. Nothing much has been said of the Galaxy S8, but Samsung announced that the phone will come with a Viv-powered digital assistant, an AI startup. The same people who created Siri founded Viv, so that should give you an idea of what to expect from Samsung’s digital assistant. 

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