Never make mistakes while renting or buying your office space

Posted by Grace Dervishi on April 4th, 2017

Are you planning to shift your small office to a commercial area located beside the road? Congratulations for your hard work, determination and success!

Nevertheless, right at this juncture, many people go with a lot of emotions and make mistakes in the selection process while buying or renting an office space. As you’re planning to expand, you will definitely hire new staff, furnish your office or add new product lineups. Well, whatever is your plan; it should be very much realistic and must be based on the project objective. It is always recommended to choose the location of your office considering the type of your business activities.

In the competitive market environment, most business houses consider whether to buy, lease or rent an office space in accordance with their business style. For example, if you’re a real estate company and require meeting clients every day, instead of taking an office space in the downtown or on the roadside, you can always think of offices to buy Kenya, located in prime locations and are well communicated. Conversely, if you are a retail business house and need a showroom, you’ve to expand more for your office cum showroom which must be well accessible and on the roadside. Following are some tips for you to choose your office space:


As stated above, prior to choosing the office space, consider your need and go for a reasonably priced space, which is the first step to cost control. Since you’re just in the expanding phase, keep in on and strive to limit all your administrative cost lower. It is not mandatory that you have to purchase the space outright, while you can always consider going for leasing or renting an office. Thus, instead of investing much in the office area to begin with, keep a budget for procuring new machineries, product development, advertisement or hiring skilled workforce. Nevertheless, whichever area you choose, it should be well located and communication must be good.


If you decide to spend as little as possible for renting your office, this will certainly end with lots of frustration because of its odd location or space issue and eventually, you will require moving to some other place once again. This is a major mistake and can be extremely damaging for your business.As a promising business entrepreneur, you must think productive. Space should not be a problem, it should be well communicated and inexpensive. For this, you can think about offices to let parklands, which are ideal for new as well as established business personalities.


Both location and price are the key factors that influence the dimension of your commercial premises. Try to follow, a general recommended rule by experts that per person, you will be required minimum 50- 70 square feet area. However, with your good layout plan, you can always make your workplace spacious for easy working for your employees.  

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