4 Unique Ways To Relieve Your Back Pain

Posted by Steven Smith on April 4th, 2017

If you have ever had back pain, you must know how painful it is. You cannot move even a little without aching and even after popping handful of pills, trying multiple natural remedies, and taking consultation from your doctor, the stubborn pain declines to go away.

Here we tell you some unique ways to relieve your back pain.

Massage therapy

While taking medication and all other remedies, we get so engrossed that we forget the magic of hands-on therapy on back. It may be possible that massage does not completely relieve the pain, but it is one of the best ways to give temporary relief. Another hands-on approach includes spinal manipulation which is usually performed by a licensed specialist.

Nerve stimulation

No matter what technique is used, nerve stimulation has been found very effective in subsiding chronic pain. Here, acupuncture is one of the popular treatments recommended by doctors. Another popular technique, your doctor might suggest is TENS (Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) machines where a mild electric pulses are delivered to nerves in order to block pain signals. You can purchase these machines either from market or even online. There are a large options among these machine, for example, Tens 7000 Pain Management Tens Unit, Intensity 10 digital tens unit and so on. Apart from back pain, they are also quite effective in foot, shoulder, neck or any acute or chronic pain.

Cognitive behavior therapy

It may seem strange to visit a psychologist for back pain, but as per studies, they have been found very effective in relieving back pain. In this, the way people thinks about back pain is altered, and they are made to change the way they respond to pain as well as being active. A lot of people have found CBT very helpful in diminishing the pain.


You may not be aware of biofeedback. In this therapy, special machines are used to train the brain for controlling the response to pain. Patient is taught to moderate their breathing, muscle tension and blood flow.

The best part of all these methods is no side effect. Some of these pain relieving treatments have been found more effective than medication. So, next time is unluckily you suffer a back pain; you may consider opting any of these treatments.

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