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Posted by Swayam India on April 4th, 2017

Windows can provide lot of natural light, making it bright and gorgeous. They not only allow a medium for proper ventilation but also give your home a fresh air of style. Having wide windows in your home can be a boon or bliss depending on how you dress them. Most of the people feel overwhelmed when it comes to style their large French or Italian windows.

Styling small scale windows is easy as they do not need you to do much brainstorming. But large windows leave a great impact on your space with their look and feel. There are so many window options that can help you showcase your creative instincts. Here are some ideas to give you some insights regarding it:

  1. Treat multiple windows as one- Make your windows appear as one by pairing drapes on the outer edges. If you need privacy and want to block the sunrays from entering inside your room, create stationary drapes just one to two widths each. You can also think about motorized shade if your windows are high.
  2. For a subtle effect- To infuse a soft effect into your room, you can hang sheers from a rod, touching wall to wall. Sheers do not have any lining attached to them thus they are little inexpensive and ideal for those who are on a budget spree. You can buy curtains online in India in various prints and colors according to your requirement.
  3. For a bold effect- To make a bold statement in your room, you can go for interesting prints to adorn your windows. Large prints will make your room appear wider plus help you to bring focus on windows. From floral, stripes to quirky graffiti, you can hang any curtains that exhibit a single color from your existing home décor.
  4. Infuse some dark shades- Having a large and spacious living room is like having a blank canvas which you can paint the way you want. You can bring some dark and enriched shades into your living room as this will add depth into your interiors. It will give your living room a character. You can purchase curtains through online shopping portals. You can get some amazing discounts as well form the comfort of your home.

Large spaces do not have any limitations when it comes to designing and decorating. Thus, there is a lot of scope for experimentation which can get you the desired appearance.

Swayam offers a large variety of curtains that are whimsical and traditional. You can find a great assortment of drapes and buy curtains online in Indiathat are beautiful, affordable and the most wonderful way of giving your living space a wonderful look.

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